The first full service restaurant in Dwarka says Marryam H Reshii – Timescity Review

It is surprising that Dwarka has had to wait for so long to get its first classy restaurant, but from the day it opened its doors, it has never looked back.

Part of the Metro Station in Dwarka Sector 10, Drool Kitchen is a brightly lit restaurant with a large private dining room and a garden, large tables and semi-private kiosk-like tables with plenty of parking place all around. Though it is a predominantly North Indian restaurant, there are subtle touches of western flavours. The chef at this restaurant has had over a decade of experience all over Europe and it shows in the ingenious menu that expertly combines hints of international flavours in a smattering of the dishes. For the quality of the food and the elegant settings the prices are extremely nominal, and because of the ease of reaching there by Metro, it is easy to reach Drool for a tasty, inexpensive meal.

Table Talk
Mention must be made of the excellent Prawn Fresh Coriander (Rs 285) dimsum which has coarsely minced prawns whose bite is intensified because of the texture. Drool Tandoori Assembly (Rs 450 for a selection of non-vegetarian kebabs) is pleasant enough, but the pineapple and ginger chutney served alongside lifts the kebabs to an exalted level. There is also an unusual Drool Apple Chicken Curry (Rs 285) which has a fruity tang in the gravy, yet there are underlying spices too. In fact, when there is a slight twist to the dish, Drool manages to elevate it out of the ordinary. When it is a standard recipe, it is as indifferent as the next restaurant.

Take for example the Pakoda Kadi (Rs 175) that is made with the addition of grated onions that boost this everyday dish out of the familiar. Dal Tadka (Rs 175) is the simpler of the two dals on the menu, being yellow dal. Much more rich and robust than the term pili dal implies it is redolent with the flavour of niblets of browned garlic. If rara gosht anardana (Rs 285) had not a hint of individuality in it, the Italian style pizzas here are astonishingly good.

Must Try
Boti kebab, murgh makhani, pizza margherita

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